Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grant Morrison Met Superman

There is a documentary on the way about Grant Morrison, someone I think is perhaps one of the most talented and visonary comics writers around now if not ever, and someone I've frequently mentioned in my blogging (including in my last post on the Ronblog).

I believe this documentary is going to be called "Grant Morrsion: Talking With Gods," but maybe that's not the official title? Not sure.

I do know it'll be premiering this fall during New York Comic Con which will be starting up October 8th.

A clip from the film hit the internet today and it focuses on an expirience Morrison and Mark Waid (whom I also mentioned in my last Ronblog post actually) had, a "shamanic" experience wherein he met Superman. Well, he had a conversation with a guy dressed as superman, anyway.

I can relate to that. I (In all seriousness) met Optimus Prime once in what one could call a "shamanic experience" I had. Well, I met Megatron masquerading as Prime. But, that's a story for another time perhaps...

In many ways, this clip from (the documentary that may or may not be called) "Grant Morrison: Walking With Gods" is a follow-up to my Sociopath Heroes post. Not just because I mentioned Morrison and Superman in that post, but also because Grant Morrison talks about asking "Superman" about the whole "Superman Vs. Batman" duality.

You'll have to watch to clip to see what Superman's thoughts about Batman are, though. I won't spoil it.

Oh, and if you haven't heard him speak before, Grant Morrison's Scottish accent is kind of intense and difficult to understand at times. But, that makes it kind of fun.

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